Support patients at home.

Connect patients, support staff, and monitoring all in one place.

Increase Patient Engagement

Connect your patients, coaches, dietitians, and peer groups online in order to improve pre-op conversion, post-op retention, and long-term outcomes.

My clinic averages
%EWL at 12 months. That's 14.3% above the national average.

Stay Informed.

We also help you monitor patients' progress remotely and notice complications before they arise.

Trey Ulrich


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200 lbs

Increase Staff Effectiveness.

Automated 'check-ins' free your staff to spend their time with the patients who most need it.


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For Patients

We help you build your support system at home, so you can take the lead in your personal health journey.


Everything patients share with peers and coaches remains protected under HIPAA. We won't sell information to third parties, and patients always remain in control.

Created by coaches & surgeons.

Robin Laird
Founder / Health Coach

Robin is a certified health coach with a MSc. in biochemistry and biotechnology. She's a microbiome geek who loves to talk about the science of our bodies.

Dr. Christopher Lange
Advisor / Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Lange is a bariatric surgeon based in Belgium, who received his surgical training at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands and The University of Leuven in Belgium. He is well traveled and has done research fellowships in Los Angeles and South Africa.